Tom Desisto

Contact Info:
845 679 4645

Serious Composition

  • Chemical Composition—played guitar and produced/engineered this serious atonal, arhythmic improvisation ensemble which also includes Mahler award recipient composer/pianist Constance Cooper and percussionist John Cacciatore. Visit
  • “Woodstock Diamond Dance Festival” – contributed recorded works to the performance by Linda Diamond & Co. in Woodstock,NY, and City Center in NYC as well as various other venues. 2003-2017
  • “The Room of My Life” – Taped score for the theater piece based on Anne Sexton’s poetry. Played at the Manhattan Theater Club/City Center and at Riverside Church in New York City
  • “The Conception of Gaia,” “Escape from the Astral Sea” Compositions featured on John Schaeffer’s “New Sounds” radio program
  • “Catalyst” taped score for an installation that included paintings, music, and aromatherapy by artist Kristen Lund
  • “Golden Harp” dance piece for the Martha Graham School


  • “The Truth About Charlie” – Jonathan Demme’s stylish remake of “Charade” released in October 2002-Contributed the song “Hey Natty” and one piece of instrumental scoring. Soundtrack available on Playtone records
  • Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding—contracted musicians, played guitar on soundtrack, and appeared onstage in the film. Directed by Bruce Beresford, features Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Jeffrey Deane Morgan, Chace Crawford, Kyle McLachlan, Rosanna Arquette, Catherine McFee, Elizabeth Olsen, and Nat Wolff
  • “In a Perfect World”-composed and produced a theme song and scoring for a Deveraux Foundation fund-raising film that won a Gold Special Jury Award at the 2002 Houston Film Festival
  • Better Late Than Never—Full score and sound design for Indie short
  • Dinner’s Ready—Full score and sound design for indie short
  • “Fake Fur”-string quartet and several electronic cues for indie feature


  • “As the World Turns” – Contributed original music for over ten years. Nominated for two Emmy Awards for best instrumental composition.
  • “Another World” – Contributed original music
  • CBS Sports – NCAA Basketball, Golf & Football – themes and underscores.


  • Mattel Toys – Jingles & sound design for dozens of Barbie & Kelly dolls and products
  • Jingles and underscores for Playmobil, Fisher-Price, Wonderama, Kenner, Tyco, Galoob, Irwin, General Creation, DSI and Kelly Toys (VIDEO TOY REEL AVAILABLE)
  • Underscores and sound design for AT&T, Revlon, Con Ed, Nickelodeon, Bain du Soleil, Ballpark Franks, Cool Cow, MetLife, and The Menlo Park Mall. Received an Art Director’s Award for Zerex Antifreeze “Beats Winter”

Industrial Films

  • NASA – Film, “Earth, A New Perspective”
  • Mercedes Benz – Interactive CD ROM for the New York Auto Show
  • Prudential Insurance – Training Film
  • NEC Corporation – Two multimedia presentations for COMDEXJohnson Controls – Sound design for promotional DVD
  • The Botero Collection – Promotional Film
  • “The Miracle of Life” – Educational Film

Children’s Music

  • Children’s Television Workshop “3-2-1 Contact Extra” – Co-wrote and produced original songs for “A Popular Little Planet,” “Get Busy” and “Brainstorm” Specials
  • Scholastic Entertainment – “Math Place,” Original songs and underscores for 18 educational videos
  • Great American Audio – Audio cassettes of original and classic songs including “Rockin’ on the Road,” “Prehistoric Pop,” “Nursery Rhymes,” “Bible Songs of Praise, Joy & Love”
  • Tupperware – “A Tip-Top Tupper Christmas” audio cassette
  • The Avon Catalog “Holiday Fun” audio cassette
  • Wonderama Toys – Wrote and produced 36 audio cassettes for use in the Susie and Skippy Scribbles interactive dolls